AmiBroker 3.37 beta Release Notes
Amiga version.
Copyright (C)2000 by Tomasz Janeczko.
Created: November 24th, 2000


AmiBroker 3.37 is the newest minor upgrade of the most advanced stock charting/analysis software for the Amiga (also available for Win32 platform). This update is available at no charge to all registered AmiBroker users of versions 2.8 and above.

The update available on AmiBroker web site ( contains only the most substantial files. For docs, guides and other files please check full 3.20 version available on Aminet and AmiBroker web site.

New Features

Version 3.37 beta includes following new features and fixes (compared to 3.36 beta):

Version 3.36 beta includes following new features and fixes (compared to 3.30 beta):

1.5 AFL engine now supports overwriting built-in O, H, L, C, V arrays so you can calculate all built-in functions from different data.


2.1 New built-in indicators: ADX/DMI, SAR

2.2 The OPEN price in the grab bar of the main chart
3.1 $PRICEFACTOR command allowing multiplying prices by definable factor
3.2 Import of long histories speeded up to 10 times

3.3 Database and program is enabled for storing OpenInterest data. Support for OpenInterest is added to:

Additional information


Since the user interface was changed in version 3.36 AmiBroker needs new catalog files. This update includes a Polish catalog file as well as the catalog description ( and a template catalog translation (broker.ct) file. Polish users should copy the supplied catalog file into the LOCALE:Catalogs/Polski directory.


No special installation is needed for this update. Simply copy executable files (AmiBroker and AmiBroker.FPU) over the old ones.

AmiBroker on the Web

For latest news, patches and updates please check out AmiBroker/Amiga WWW site at: Check out also a new AmiBroker site at: . If you want to share with ideas & tips with other AmiBroker users please try AmiBroker Mailing List at