AmiBroker 5.80.0 RC1 Read Me

June 4, 2014 15:55

Backup your data files and entire AmiBroker folder first!


Just run the installer and follow the instructions.

Then run AmiBroker. You should see "AmiBroker 5.80.0 RC1" written in the About box.

See CHANGE LOG below for detailed list of changes. Note that only changes that affect end-user directly are listed here. Internal code changes/refactoring is usually not mentioned.


CHANGES FOR VERSION 5.80.0 (as compared to 5.79.0)

CHANGES FOR VERSION 5.79.0 (as compared to 5.78.0)

CHANGES FOR VERSION 5.78.0 (as compared to 5.77.0)

CHANGES FOR VERSION 5.77.0 (as compared to 5.76.0)

CHANGES FOR VERSION 5.76.0 (as compared to 5.75.0)

CHANGES FOR VERSION 5.75.0 (as compared to 5.74.0)

TO SWITCH BACK TO OLD editor use Tools->Preferences, "Editor" tab: UNCHECK "Use New Editor"

NOTE ALSO: that color/font preferences do not affect new editor yet (it is on to-do list).

CHANGES FOR VERSION 5.74.0 (as compared to 5.73.0)

CHANGES FOR VERSION 5.73.0 (as compared to 5.72.0)

CHANGES FOR VERSION 5.72.0 (as compared to 5.71.0)

CHANGES FOR VERSION 5.71.0 (as compared to 5.70.2)


If you experience any problem with this beta version please send detailed description of the problem (especially the steps needed to reproduce it) to support at