- writes text at the specified location

Low-level graphics
(AmiBroker 50)

SYNTAX GfxTextOut( ''text'', x, y )
FUNCTION Writes a character string at the specified location using the currently selected font.


  • "text" - Specifies the character string to be drawn
  • x - Specifies the x-coordinate of the starting point of the text
  • y - Specifies the y-coordinate of the starting point of the text
Character origins are at the upper-left corner of the character cell. By default, the current position is not used or updated by the function.

The font used can be set using GfxSelectFont() function. Text color can be set using GfxSetTextColor() function.

If a formula needs to update the current position when it calls GfxTextOut, the formula can call the GfxSetTextAlign function with flags set to 1 (TA_UPDATECP Windows flag). When this flag is set, GfxTextOut function ignores the x and y parameters on subsequent calls to GfxTextOut, using the current position instead.

The output of this function is NOT clipped. If you want clip text to user-defined rectangle, use GfxDrawText() function instead.

NOTE: This is LOW-LEVEL graphic function. To learn more about low-level graphic functions please read TUTORIAL: Using low-level graphics.

EXAMPLE GfxSelectFont("Times New Roman", 16, 700, True );
GfxTextOut("Percent of shares held by:", 10 , 10 );
SEE ALSO GfxLineTo() function , GfxMoveTo() function , GfxSetPixel() function


The GfxTextOut function is used in the following formulas in AFL on-line library:

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