- create on-chart edit control

GUI functions
(AmiBroker 6.30)

SYNTAX GuiEdit( id, x, y, width, height, notifyflags)
FUNCTION The function creates on-chart GUI edit control.


  • id - unique control ID (must be integer greater than zero)
  • x, y - coordinates of top left corner of the control
  • width, height - dimensions of the control
  • notifyflags - define which user actions cause formula to be notified

Possible notify flags are:

  • notifyClicked - when button/toggle/checkbox/radio is clicked
  • notifySetFocus - when control gets input focus (via mouse or keyboard)
  • notifyKillFocus - when control loses input focus (via mouse or keyboard)
  • notifyHitReturn - when ENTER/RETURN key was pressed in edit field
  • notifyEditChange - when control value changes (text inside edit field, date inside date/time, slider is moved to new position)
  • notifyMouseEnter - when mouse hovers over the control
  • notifyMouseLeave - when mouse leaves control area
The function returns guiNew when control was actually created (wasn't already present in the chart) or guiExisting when control already exists in given chart

For more information about using GUI controls see Tutorial: Using on-chart GUI controls



The GuiEdit function is used in the following formulas in AFL on-line library:

More information:

See updated/extended version on-line.