- add user user-definable color parameter

Exploration / Indicators
(AmiBroker 4.30)

SYNTAX ParamColor( ''name'', defaultcolor )
FUNCTION Adds a new user-definable parameter, which will be accessible via Parameters dialog :
right click over chart pane and select "Parameters" or press Ctrl+R allows to change chart parameters - changes are reflected immediatelly.

  • "name" - defines parameter name that will be displayed in the parameters dialog
  • defaultcolor - defines default color value of the parameter
colorCycle - accepted only by ParamColor function as default value, causes that default color cycles through orange, blue, green, turquoise, gold, violet, bright green, dark yellow

IMPORTANT: Parameter names and values must NOT contain non-printable characters (ASCII codes < 32).

EXAMPLE Plot( RSI(), "RSI", ParamColor( "RSI Color", colorRed ) );
SEE ALSO PARAM() function , PARAMSTR() function


The ParamColor function is used in the following formulas in AFL on-line library:

More information:

See updated/extended version on-line.