- string replace

String manipulation
(AmiBroker 4.90)

SYNTAX StrReplace( srcstring, oldsubstring, newsubstring )
FUNCTION This function returns a string with all occurrences of oldsubstring in srcstring replaced with the given newsubstring value. The string may grow or shrink as a result of the replacement, that is oldsubstring and newsubstring do not have to be equal in length. The function performs case-sensitive matches.
EXAMPLE // the expression below will
// result in string in which 'red' is replaced with 'brown'
StrReplace("This fox is red", "red", "brown" );
SEE ALSO StrExtract() function , StrFind() function , StrFormat() function , StrLeft() function , StrLen() function , StrMid() function , StrRight() function , StrToDateTime() function , StrToLower() function , StrToNum() function , StrToUpper() function


The StrReplace function is used in the following formulas in AFL on-line library:

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