Easy alerts window

Easy alert window allows to define real-time alerts without any coding. Please note that this functionality is available ONLY if you are using real-time data plugin and is not available in end-of-day mode.

Adding new alert

Alert will be generated when selected price field (for example Ask) will become equal or greater than High value (if defined), or when selected price field will become equal or less than Low value (if defined). Alert once hit will not re-trigger until you press "Reset".

Modifying an alert

Select one of listed alerts and modify values in the edit fields below. If you want to modify an alert that was hit already, after doing modifications please press "Reset" button

Deleting alerts

Select one or more alerts from the list (multiple selection possible by pressing down SHIFT key) and then press Delete button.

Resetting triggered alerts

The alert that was once hit is market as "Hit high" or "Hit low" in the status field and becomes inactive (won't trigger anymore). If you want to re-activate it, select it from the list and press Reset button.

Kinds of alert output