Indicator Maintenance Wizard

Indicator maintenance checks for any indicators that were deleted from any layouts on your hard disk and frees table from entries
allocated for indicators that were deleted. This procedure is rarely but still needed because if you delete indicator from one
layout there is no guarantee that there is no other layout file buried somewhere on your hard disk that still references given indicator.

So Indicator Maintenance scans all hard disks and all partitions looking for layout files and analysing them to built the
" actually used" table of indicators.

The ones which are not referenced by any layout can be deleted from internal table.
Depending on your choice you may leave default behaviour (cleaning up only internal table) or deleting actual formula files
that are not referenced. This is up to you. If you don't use particular formula for say AA Scan/Backtest/Optimization you can
delete it. If you use it or need it for some archive purposes - leave it unchecked.

If you are not sure what options to choose, just press "Next" all the time and you will safely complete the procedure without changing any settings.