Plugins window

Plugins window lists all loaded plug in DLLs. It is useful for inspecting which plugins are active.

In addition to just showing the list of plugins you can unload all DLLs by pressing "Unload" button and load them back by pressing "Load" button. Please note that a DLL must be placed in the "Plugins" subfolder of AmiBroker main directory to be seen.

At start AmiBroker scans the "Plugins" folder and loads the DLLs that follows the specifications of AmiBroker plugin. If a DLL is loaded it is "locked" for writing so it can not be overwritten or modified.

During the development process it is necessary to overwrite/modify the DLL code - because when you apply the changes to the source code these changes must be recompiled and stored into DLL file. To allow the developer to overwrite the DLL used by AmiBroker the "Unload" function is available in this window. Unloading releases the DLL so it can be overwritten without the need to restart AmiBroker. Then, after modifying the DLL code, you can load the DLL back using "Load" function.

IMPORTANT NOTE: AmiBroker makes no representations on features and performance of non-certified third-party plug-ins. Specifically certain plug-ins can cause instabilities or even crashes. Entire use of non-certified third-party plugins is at your own risk.