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Formula name: Stock price AlertIf
Author/Uploader: Anthony van Rooyen - anthonyvan28 [at] hotmail.com
Date/Time added: 2004-07-28 12:39:53
Origin: Gold Coast Australia
Keywords: Name, Alertif
Level: basic
Flags: exploration

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If you want to be alerted to a stock reaching a certain price in "Alert Output" under "view" in Amibroker.
Simply add the stock code, were the XYZ is.
To set the price simply add it where $$$ is.
Cut and past if you have lots of stocks that you want to be alerted to.
Then just run the scan.


Buy = Cross(C, $$$) AND Name()=="XYZ";

AlertIf( Buy, "", "Simple text alert", 4 );


hetal333 [at] gmail.com
2005-07-22 18:16:06
Can I have more than one
p_navarre [at] yahoo.com
2005-11-13 06:21:26
and if i want to trigger an alert when the stock price got the parabolic price ...could you help me ?

p_navarre [at] yahoo.com
2005-11-13 08:31:43
and if i want to trigger an alert when the stock price got the parabolic price ...could you help me ?

qwert [at] qwert.com
2007-01-08 13:53:30
not working for me
rjmm [at] webmail.co.za
2007-03-24 08:35:47
can we set it that if the price have move up 2% to alert us and the of price is greater that 2.5% to send us another email alert.

also if the share have moved down do the shame

stighy [at] email.it
2008-08-22 06:24:32
wonderful function ! byez

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