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Formula name: Chandelier Exit
Author/Uploader: Jarod Marshall - riot_starta [at] hotmail.com
Date/Time added: 2006-02-02 07:43:01
Keywords: Chandelier Exit Stop Loss
Level: semi-advanced
Flags: system,indicator

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These two forms of the same indicator are designed to act as the Chandelier Exit stop loss as described by Barbara Rockefeller in "Technical Analysis for Dummies", and is written especially for use with AmiBroker. She describes the Chandelier exit as a dataset of "the highest high or the highest close SINCE YOUR ENTRY." To allow the Chandelier exit to stop you out gives you a couple of average-true-ranges (ATRs) from the best price the stock has reached SINCE YOUR ENTRY.

Only *you* know when your trading rules will dictate that you enter the trade, and so my Chandelier Exit Preview here allows you to preview the Chandelier exit series by clicking on the bar that AmiBroker’s back-test/optimize says you should buy on. If your RSI says “buy” on the 1st of June, simply overlay my Chandelier Exit formula onto your price data, and click on the bar corresponding to the 1st of June. The three series named "Chand..." will change each time you click a different bar. Thus when you click the 1st of June bar, you get a Chandelier Exit stop loss especially designed for buying that stock on the 1st of June. The second formula, the Chandelier Exit, is designed to fit into your automated AmiBroker trading formulae.




2006-02-02 10:54:10
I've spent the last couple of months evaluating stops and exits. Your submisson and explanation has, for me, arrived at a fortuitous time. Many thanks.

2006-02-13 08:27:47
still not get it
can u make it more easer for me

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