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Please direct questions about using Medved QuoteTracker to their support Support@QuoteTracker.com
They have FAQ at: http://www.quotetracker.com/faq.shtml
They have also the forum at:http://boards.quotetracker.com/

Configuring QT server.

AmiBroker's Quote Tracker plugin uses QT's internal server (see http://www.quotetracker.com/qtserver.htm ) to retrieve quotes.

To check if the QT server is running, please run QuoteTracker and try the following URL:

It should list quotes of all active symbols in QuoteTracker.

If the URL does not work it means that QT internal server is not functioning

In that case you have to ENABLE it in QuoteTracker:

and the AD click rate must be higher than the minimum:


to find out of actual and minimum ad-click rates. Quote Tracker reports two numbers:
Actual %,Minimum %. If Actual% < Minimum% the server will not return any quotes.

In that case you have to click on Ads more often or register QuoteTracker.