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Advanced stock charting and analysis program

AmiBroker 64-bit Edition (x64 / AMD64 / Intel EM64T )

AmiBroker was the first vendor to introduce 64-bit native technical analysis:
March 22, 2006 headline:
AmiBroker.com proudly presents world's first 64-bit technical analysis software for individual traders.


  • 20-40% faster AFL execution compared to 32 bit edition running on the same machine
  • can use physical memory (RAM) upto 1 TERA byte
  • can use virtual memory upto 16 TERA bytes
  • compatible with current and future machines / operating systems



  • 64-bit compatible processor
  • 64-bit operating system

    • Windows XP Professional x64 Edition
    • Windows 2003 Professional x64 Edition
    • Windows Vista x64 Edition
    • Windows Server 2008 x64
    • Windows 7 64-bit

For more details see this 64 bit COMPATIBILITY CHART


NEW 5.60.3 official release x64 is available

AmiBroker 5.60.3 official release x64 setup program (9 MB)

IQFeed Client setup (required to use IQFeed plugin)

IMPORTANT: The LICENSE KEY for AmiBroker 64 bit version is different than for 32 bit. They are available separately and they must NOT be interchanged. The link to download 64-bit license key is provided in "AmiBroker registration" e-mail for Professional Edition users only. To get the dedicated 64-bit key you need to use lostkey retrieval form.



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