- set the name of category (group, market, watch list, industry)

Information / Categories
(AmiBroker 5.20)

SYNTAX CategorySetName( name, category, number )
FUNCTION Function sets the name of category (group,market, watch list, industry)


  • name - a new name for the category (in case of watch lists it has to be unique)
  • category - type of category, one of the following: categoryMarket, categoryGroup, categorySector, categoryIndustry, categoryWatchlist, categoryGICS, categoryICB
  • number - the number (index) of the category 0.255 for market, group industry, 0..32 for sectors, 0...unlimited for watch lists
Please note that the function will NOT create watch list of given index if one does not exist.

The meaning of index parameter is different for GICS and ICB categories - the index for categoryGICS and categoryICB is actually GICS/ICB code. Such as 10 for energy sector or 351010 for "Health Care Equipment & supplies" industry. The codes are fixed even if new classifications are added at some point in the future. This means that you won't need to change AFL codes even if new classifications are added. But it is important to understand that these codes work in hierarchical way. So

GetCategorySymbols( categoryGICS, 10 )

will return all symbols belonging to energy sector, including those in 10101010 - Oil & Gas Drilling sector as well as 10102050 - Coal & Consumable Fuels; for example. See for more details on GICS system for more details on ICB system

EXAMPLE CategorySetName( "Testing", categoryWatchList, 1 );
SEE ALSO CategoryAddSymbol() function , CategoryFind() function , CategoryGetName() function , CategoryGetSymbols() function , CategoryRemoveSymbol() function


The CategorySetName function is used in the following formulas in AFL on-line library:

More information:

See updated/extended version on-line.