- set low-level graphic overlay mode

Low-level graphics
(AmiBroker 50)

SYNTAX GfxSetOverlayMode( mode = 0 )
FUNCTION Sets overlay mode for low-level graphics.


  • mode - desired overlay mode. Possible values are:
    0 - (default) low-level graphic is overlaid on top of charts
    1 - charts are overlaid on top of low-level graphics
    2 - only low-level graphics is displayed (no charts, no grids, etc)

To learn more about low level graphics please read Tutorial: Using low-level graphics

EXAMPLE GfxSetOverlayMode( 2 ); // don't display charts nor grids
SEE ALSO GfxArc() function , GfxChord() function , GfxCircle() function , GfxDrawText() function , GfxEllipse() function , GfxGradientRect() function , GfxLineTo() function , GfxMoveTo() function , GfxPie() function , GfxPolygon() function , GfxPolyline() function , GfxRectangle() function , GfxRoundRect() function [[331:Gfx


The GfxSetOverlayMode function is used in the following formulas in AFL on-line library:

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