- creates price field parameter

Exploration / Indicators
(AmiBroker 4.70)

SYNTAX ParamField(''name'', field = 3 )
FUNCTION Allows to pick the Price field for the indicator (field which is used to calculate values of the indicator). Function returns the array defined by field parameter. Default value = 3 returns Close array. The possible values of field parameter are:
  • -1 - ParamField returns the values of the indicator that was inserted as a first one into the pane, or Close if no indicator was present
  • 0 - returns Open array
  • 1 - returns High array
  • 2 - returns Low array
  • 3 - returns Close array (default)
  • 4 - returns Average array = (H+L+C)/3
  • 5 - returns Volume array
  • 6 - returns Open Interest array
  • 7,8,9,.... - return values of indicators inserted into the pane.

    IMPORTANT: Parameter names and values must NOT contain non-printable characters (ASCII codes < 32). Since ParamField uses names passed to Plot(), it means that Plot() calls must not contain non-printable characters too (ASCII codes < 32), so control characters such as new lines are NOT allowed.

SEE ALSO PARAM() function


The ParamField function is used in the following formulas in AFL on-line library:

More information:

See updated/extended version on-line.