- sort comma-separated item list

String manipulation
(AmiBroker 5.90)

SYNTAX Sort( ''tem,list,to,be,sorted'', caseSensitive = True, separator = ',' )
FUNCTION Perform sorting of comma-separated item list given in a string. The comma is default separator, but it can be any separator that user chooses in separator argument. The sort is either case sensitive (caseSensitive=True) or not (caseSensitive=False). The sort order is ascending. The function returns string with items sorted.
EXAMPLE EnableTextOutput( 0 );

printf( "Before sort: '" + str + "' " );

str = StrSort( str );

printf( "After sort: '" + str + "'" );
SEE ALSO Sort() function


The StrSort function is used in the following formulas in AFL on-line library:

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See updated/extended version on-line.