- gets the text value of dynamic variable

Miscellaneous functions
(AmiBroker 4.80)

SYNTAX VarGetText( ''varname'' )
FUNCTION Gets the text (string) value of dynamic variable.
Similar to VarGet but always returns always string values (if underlying variable has different type it is converted to string) Allows for example appending to text variable no matter if it is defined earlier or not as shown in the example below

Dynamic variables are variables that are named dynamically, typically by creating a variable name from a static part and a variable part. For example, the following example dynamically constructs the variable name from a variable prefix and a static suffix. Dynamic variables are always global.

EXAMPLE Title = VarGetText("Title") + "something";
// above will work correctly regardless of whenever title was defined earlier or not
SEE ALSO VarGet() function , VarSet() function


The VarGetText function is used in the following formulas in AFL on-line library:

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See updated/extended version on-line.