Basic operations

Adding a new symbol

In order to add a new symbol into database you can use Symbol->New menu item or Add symbol toolbar button.

After selecting this function you will be prompted for new ticker symbol. The maximum ticker symbol length is 48 characters. For proper import functioning you should enter the symbol with CAPITALS.

Removing a symbol

In order to remove existing symbol from the database you can use Symbol->Remove menu item or Remove symbol toolbar button. After choosing this function you will be asked for confirmation of symbol removing. Note well that this operation can not be undone !!!

Removing multiple symbols at once is possible using Assignment organizer.

Splitting a stock

To perform stock split use Symbol->Split menu item or Split toolbar button.

AmiBroker provides easy way of handling stock splits. Program will try to guess split date and ratio by analyzing quotations. If there is just a single quotation after split this should work, if not you will be asked for split date and ratio. Note well that this operation can not be undone!!!

From version 2.0 and up the split function offers more functionality: you can use old-style ratio or you can specify a split using following expression:


which means that x shares before split become y after it. For example 2->3 means that 2 shares become 3 after the split. So ordinary split into five pieces will be 1->5.

As you have probably guessed it is possible now to perform reverse-split, for example 2->1, which means that 2 shares are joined together into 1 share.

Deleting quotation

To delete a quotation simply select the quote you want to delete by clicking on the chart (a vertical line will appear showing selected date and quote). Then choose Edit->Delete quotation menu option.

To delete quotations of all stocks from given day you should use Edit->Delete session.

You can also use Quote Editor to delete quotes.

Adding/removing symbol from favourites

To add the symbol to the favourites you should check favourite box in the Information window. To remove it from favourites simply uncheck that box. Alternatively you can click on the tree with the right mouse button and select "Add to favourites" and "Remove from favourites" options from the context menu.

Merging quotations of two symbols

It happens sometimes that the ticker for the symbol is changed then you may get two tickers in your database - one holding historical quotes and the second one holding newest quotes (after name change). In order to put all quotes to the single ticker you should use Symbol->Merge feature. You should just select the new ticker (after name change) and choose Symbol->Merge. Then from the combo you should choose original ticker ("merge with") and optionally check the following fields: