Database Settings

This window allows you to define per-database settings. It is accessible via File->Database Settings menu.

IMPORTANT: These per-database settings in this window take precedence over default values definable in Preferences window. See explanation in Tutorial: Understanding database concepts.

The database settings window is divided into two parts: General and Data source

General settings part are enabled only at the database creation time (File->New database), once database is created these controls become disabled.

For more details about creating new database working with particular data source please check Tutorial section.

Data source part becomes enabled once database is created and it can be used to modify settings for already existing databases (via File->Database Settings menu). The following controls are available:

Intraday Settings window

Note that Intraday Settings available from Database Settings dialog are PER-DATABASE. There is however also an option to define PER-GROUP intraday settings. To use PER-GROUP intraday settings you have to open Symbol->Categories window, switch to Groups tab and
check "Group uses own intraday settings" box as shown in the picture below

Then you can click on Intraday Settings button to display per-group settings. Please note that each group in the category list can have its own individual settings so you can easily setup groups so they contain instruments traded in different hours. You can move symbols between groups using Symbol->Organize assignments dialog.