Log window

The Log window (available from Window->Log menu) allows to view:

To perform tasks such clearing the output, copying, changing settings use right - mouse click over the log window list.
Double click on the error line brings up the editor, so you can fix the error easily.

While "edit-time" error list is cleared automatically each time you check the syntax in the editor, the run-time error list is NOT cleared, so all errors remain listed, even if they are fixed already, unless you manually clear the list.

Note that _TRACE output is by default directed to outside debugger (like DebugView), in order to enable internal display you need to switch appropriate option in the Tools->Preferences->AFL You can choose to display internally / externally or in both places.
Internal _trace has much lower performance penalty (order of magnitude) than external, but that is achieved by the fact that
internal log window is refreshed only when application is not busy. It is appropriate for some uses, but you may prefer more immediate
refresh offered by DebugView.

Note that internal log window accepts special string "!CLEAR!" that causes deleting contents of the log window, as presented in the example below:

_TRACE("!CLEAR!"); // this clears the internal log window.
_TRACE("First line after clear");