Composite recalculation window

This dialog allows automatic calculation of number and volume of advancing/declining/unchanged issues. Also possible in this dialog is calculation of volume numbers for indexes if imported incorrectly. Note well, that automatic recalculation of composite data makes only sense when you follow whole exchange (all symbols are included in your database) otherwise this calculation will give wrong results.

In order to calculate the composites in the database it's necessary to set the base index for the market, as it may happen that not all stocks are quoted every businness day. AmiBroker checks the 'base index' quotations dates and tries to find the corresponding quotes of all the stocks belonging to that market, to find out how many issues advanced, declined and not changed at all.

To calculate composities you need to:

There are also two additional fields available:

These fields are provided in case you DON'T have real volume data for index quotes. In that case AmiBroker can calculate volume for index as a sum of volumes of all stocks belonging to given market. First option assigns calculated volume only to base index, the second copies the volume figure to all indices belonging to given market.