Window menu

IMPORTANT NOTE to old version users: Window -> New and Window -> New Linked options have been moved to File->New->Default Chart and File->New->Linked Chart menus.


Symbols tab - symbols tree with categories (See: Understanding categories).

Layouts tab - list of available global and local layouts (See: Working with chart sheets and window layouts).

Layers tab - list of chart layers (See: Working with layers).

Charts tab - the window showing the list of chart formulas (See: Working with drag-drop charting interface).

Displays/hides the Interpretation window.

Realtime Quote
Displays/hides the Realtime Quote window. The RT quote window provides real-time streaming quotes and some basic fundamental data. To learn more read: How to use AmiBroker in Real Time mode chapter.

Alert Output
Shows/hides Alert Output window. The window displays texts generated by formula based alert. The detailed information on how to use alerts is available in: Using formula-based alerts part of the Users' Guide.

Displays/hides Notepad window, that allows to store free-text notes about particular security. Just type any text and it will be automatically saved / read back as you browse through symbols. Notes are global and are saved in "Notes" subfolder as ordinary text files.

Symbol Information

Shows symbol information window with fundamental data.

Time & Sales

Shows Time and Sales real time window


Shows the log window that displays AFL error messages, run-time errors and _TRACE output

Data window

Shows the data window that displays values of chart indicators

Risk/Yeld map
Displays Risk/Yeld map of all the symbols in the database. Risk/yield map calculates average weekly return (the yield) and standard deviation of the weekly returns (the risk) over at least 12 weeks. It requires at least 60 bars worth of data for every stock. To zoom in - mark the area with the mouse. To zoom-out simply click on the map.

Cascades opened chart windows.

Tile Horizontaly
Tiles the opened chart windows horizontally.

Tile Vertically
Tiles the opened chart windows vartically.

Switches the chart window to "normal" (non-floating) state. More info here.

Switches the chart window to floating state. More info here.

Arange Icons
Allows you to arrange the minimized windows. Arrange icons works only if:

Arrange icons option will align the windows nicely at the bottom of the AmiBroker window.