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AmiBroker FAQ for users from India

Where can I get a free demo of AmiBroker?

A demo/trial version is available for download from here. You can use free demo version for 30 days. After that if you want to continue using the program you should purchase the license.

Where can I purchase AmiBroker in India?

All sales are via our international web page There is NO India-only shop.

You can purchase directly in our web shop here using credit card or PayPal. Or you can use FastSpring to pay by wire

No-one in India is authorized to sell/resell AmiBroker. If you buy from anybody else it is illegal and you risk your computer security and you will not receive any technical support and upgrades. Do NOT buy AmiBroker from ANYONE in India. They are NOT legally allowed to offer AmiBroker and they are NOT allowed to use AmiBroker as part of their "signals" package. This is all illegal.

What is the price of AmiBroker?

First-time user license for AmiBroker Standard Edition is $279. This includes support and free upgrades for 12 or 24* months. Professional Edition costs $339. All other prices are listed in our on-line shop.

(*24 months of support and free upgrades is a special offer)

How long is the license valid?

The license for the version that you purchased is valid forever (it is perpetual license). So if you buy version 6.20 you can use version 6.20 infinitely.

What is limited is the FREE UPGRADE period. With your purchase you receive the right to UPGRADE the software for free for 12/24 months. After this time you can continue using the version you purchased or your last free upgrade without paying or you can purchase upgrade that covers next 12/24 months of maintenance and support

Can I buy old version (say 5.60)?

We are always selling and supporting current version (i.e. 6.20) only. Newest version is always the best, is backward compatible and works with all formulas written for previous versions. But licensed users can download and use any older version if they wish to do so. The license for version say 6.20 covers all previous versions.

What is the risk of using software from illegal sources?

Illegal software (cracks) may infect your computer with trojans, keyloggers, backdoors. Once you install illegal software your bank accounts may get compromised by hackers.

Pirated software either does not work at all from the start, works incorrectly, or quickly stops working as we are fighting piracy and implement anti-piracy measures. You can not trust results produced by pirated software.

Using cracks hurts software development and you end up receiving worse product because time is spent on fighting piracy instead of improving the software.

If you treat your safety seriously and want the best reliable software, the best support and great upgrades and all the goodies that come from becoming registered user you need to use only genuine, original, digitally signed software from our web page.

Where I can get data from?

A full list of AmiBroker officially supported data sources is here:

As to NSE / BSE data - there are several datasources that you can use to get data for NSE/BSE. First of all - you can automatically download FREE quotations from Yahoo Finance service (with use of AmiQuote downloader)

The procedure shown in the tutorial video:
All you have to do is to add apropriate suffix to your symbols (to make Yahoo recognize that you require Indian symbols). That will be:

.NS - National Stock Exchange of India (NSE)
.BO - Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)

So the symbols will look like:
ACE.NS - ACE Laboratories Ltd
AEGS.NS - Aegis Logis Ltd

There are also many other sources that you can use:
-Interactive Brokers (if you have brokerage account with them)
- eSignal:
- Trading Analysis

What about Nest Plus, GDFL, etc data sources?

These are independent 3rd party creations. We do not provide help with configuration of 3rd party data sources. You need to ask the 3rd party data vendor for help with configuration with their data source.

We only can help if data source is on our official list of supported data sources.

Can I do automated trading?

Yes, but only with Interactive Brokers (see automated trading interface: )

Does AmiBroker handle fundamental data?

Yes AmiBroker handles fundamental data as described in the Users' Guide: