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Turns on/off crosshair.

X-Y labels
Controls the display of X-Y value labels

  • Off
  • With crosshair only - display X-Y value labels when crosshair is activated
  • Always on - always display X-Y value labels

Price Chart Style
Changes the style of the default Price chart

  • Auto - uses settings defined in Tools ->Preferences
  • Line - line chart
  • CandleSticks - candlestick chart
  • Bars - traditional bar chart

Allows you to chose one of intraday time intervals and decide whether to display day or night sessions. Day and night sessions' hours can be set in: Database settings window (File -> Database Settings -> Intraday settings) or separately for group in Categories window (Symbol -> Categories).

  • Day / Night - shows two bars (day and night) per day
  • Show 24 hours trading - no filtering is applied and all the data in the database is included in the chart.
  • Show day session only - displays day sessions only.
  • Show night session only - displays night sessions only.
  • Show day and night sessions - displays day and night sessions.

Daily, Weekly, Monhly, Quarterly, Yearly
Allows to change the display time interval.

Pad non-trading days
Enable padding of Saturdays, Sundays and other non-trading days with previous close price

Allows to choose between no filtering (24 hours trading display), regular trading only, extended trading only.

Controls the zoom of the chart

  • In - reduces number of bars displayed
  • Out - increases number of bars displayed
  • All - displays all the available bars for the current symbol
  • Normal - displays default number of bars (defined in Tools -> Preferences -> Charting)
  • Range - displays the bars from the selected range
  • Shorter bars - reduces the vertical size of the bars
  • Longer bars - increases the vertical size of the bars

Allows to move Back/Forward in 'browser-like' way.

  • Previous move to previous symbol (keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+LEFT)
  • Next move to next symbol (keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+RIGHT)


  • Close - closes curently selected chart pane
  • Arrange All - arranges all the displayed charts
  • Move Down - moves curently selected chart pane one position down
  • Move Up - moves curently selected chart pane one position up
  • Maximize - maximizes curently selected chart pane
  • Restore - restores the charts layout after using Maximize


Allows you to display/hide the toolbars.

Refreshes the chart window.

Refresh All
Refreshes the chart window and re-reads the contents of all the categories in symbols tree in Workspace window.


Note to users of previous versions: the items that control Symbol, Layouts, Layers, Charts, Information and other windows have been moved to Window menu.