AmiBroker 4.80.0 release candidate

A new version (4.80.0) of AmiBroker has just been released.

This is a RELEASE CANDIDATE version, with full setup, updated help files, plugins and everything else.

It is available to the public from:

CHANGES FOR VERSION 4.80.0 (as compared to 4.79.0)

  1. Added extra information to “detailed log” to show commissions charged during scaling and both average and current exit price
  2. Partial exit (scale-out) profits are included now in trade stats
  3. Fix EOD missing Friday if “Filter weekedns” is turned ON and Daily compression uses Night / Day session settings (#28659)
  4. AFL Editor: Added F1 handling of for/while/do-while/if-else
  5. “SCAN” now displays prices using 4 decimal places
  6. Fixed problem with progress bar locking active window instead of AA window when in run-every mode
  7. Fixed: Layouts messed up with multiple instances running (ext.ID: 3)
  8. “Margin requirement” in the AA settings renamed to “ACCOUNT margin” to clearly show that it is NOT futures margin
  9. Eliminated resource leak in ExportImage OLE function
  10. Fixed potential thread interlock in Indicator Maintenance wizard (should prevent hangup especially on multi-CPU/core machines)
  11. Indicator tables are written to file (broker.newcharts) after each chart insert, before and after Ind. Maintenance just to prevent data loss if AB is not closed properly
  12. Symbol->Watch List->Import refreshes entire symbol tree, not only watch list leaf
  13. added few new formulas into Formulas\Indicators folder

ATTENTION: Existing users should pick “UPGRADE” version of the setup and should NOT change the installation directory that is automatically detected from previous installation. So to perform upgrade just keep on clicking on “NEXT” button without changing any defaults.

2 Responses to “AmiBroker 4.80.0 release candidate”

  1. Andy Davidson
    April 12th, 2006 | 2:04 am

    The “filter weekends” fix works a treat. Thanks for the prompt attention…excellent support!

  2. April 18th, 2006 | 6:41 am

    Thanks again for the best stock analysis software available! Most appreciated.