New Quotes Plus plugin v1.6.0

New Quotes Plus plugin (version 1.6.0) has been released now.

It is available for download from:


  1. Download the plugin
  2. Copy it into “Plugins” subfolder of AmiBroker directory (make sure that old version is overwritten with new one so only ONE copy of QP2 plugin is inside Plugins subfolder)
  3. Run AmiBroker (to confirm that correct plugin has been installed you can go to Tools->Plugins menu. The list of plugins should show Quotes Plus plugin version 1.6.0)
  4. To create database with QP2 plugin follow help file:

CHANGES FOR VERSION 1.6.0 (as compared to version 1.5.1)

  1. Exclude symbols without quotes works correctly even if “only with status = 0” box is unchecked
  2. “Only active” box has been renamed to “only with issue_status = 0” because of the fact that issue status field is not reliable way of detecting active symbols. Also by default this field is now unchecked

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