IBController 1.1.0 BETA released

A new version of Automated Trading Interface for AmiBroker, IBController 1.1.0 BETA has been released.

Instructions and download links are available from:

It was tested with TWS 857, 858.6 (standalone) and 859.7 (browser-based).

CHANGES FOR VERSION 1.1.0 (as compared to 1.0.8):

  1. Added handling of error codes 2100, 1100, 1101, 1102, 1300
  2. Financial advisor Account support (FC Issue #69) :
    • Added FA-only fields to PlaceOrder/ModifyOrder
    • When run on FA account IBc automatically queries for account list and uses “All” account by default
    • SetAccount( AccNo ) – for FA accounts
  3. GetAccountValue now allows to query values separately for each currency.
  4. added limit of error messages to be displayed (File->Configure)
  5. added re-querying for positions after reconnect
  6. an option to restart/reconnect (File->Reconnect), new method Reconnect()
  7. enhanced CancelAllPendingOrders( [optional] Ticker ) – now CancelAllPendingOrders method takes optional parameter Ticker.
  8. ClearList( iListNo ) method added – clears display lists
  9. enhanced CloseAllOpenPositions( [optional] Ticker ) – now CloseAllOpenPosition method takes optional parameter Ticker.
  10. exchange is reported correctly for non-US stocks in Portfolio page
  11. modified GetPositionList() – now it returns only symbols with positions <> 0
  12. OCA groups support added to PlaceOrder/ModifyOrder
  13. user-definable port and IP number (File->Configure)
  14. Warning 2107 (Historical Market Data Service inactive) and 2104 (market data OK) is silently ignored now

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