Donate future development of IBController

UPDATE: Donations for IBController are not accepted anymore.

As you know automated trading interface for AmiBroker is provided to everyone for free. You can just download it from
Quite recently however someone asked me if there is an option to pay for IBController because he wanted to donate the development. So for everyone who wants to donate for further development of IBController I have created a payment option ($100 one time fee) here:

If you use IBController extensively and want to donate for further development you may consider spending $100 for it. Note that it is considered strictly a donation and you won’t receive any extras in return except warm feeling that you helped the development of the software you are using and guarantee that if ever IBController changes its status (i.e. from free software to commercial one), you will have license to use it and receive free upgrades.

One Response to “Donate future development of IBController”

  1. July 17th, 2006 | 12:45 pm

    Don’t presently use IBController but will gladly donate to Tomasz’ fine work as I can afford it.

    Thanks as always for the best stock analysis product on the market.