IQFeed plugin 1.9.1

A new release (v1.9.1) of IQFeed plugin is available now for download from:

CHANGES (as compared to 1.9.1):

  1. fixed ‘tick’ base interval mode
  2. fixed access violation that occurred when switching base time interval for existing database
  3. other minor fixes

CHANGES (as compared to 1.8.2):

  1. implemented support for Mixed EOD/Intraday mode (to turn it on go to File->Database Settings->Intraday settings and check “Allow mixed EOD/Intraday data”
  2. implemented support for tick/5-second/15-second base time interval – this REQUIRES support for second resolution on IQFeed servers which is due to release June 16th, 2007.

There is also new video tutorial showing how to configure database with IQFeed as a data source:

More information can be found at:

IQFeed has released new IQFeed client software ( available from:

Upgrading to this new version is REQUIRED for proper operation after IQFeed upgrade of their server software.

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