eSignal plugin 1.9.0 released

A new version of eSignal plugin (1.9.0) is released now.

It is available for download from: (installer) (plain zip file, eSignal.dll file to be copied manually to Plugins subfolder)

Installer version requires just running it and clicking “extract” button. It will detect AmiBroker installation and extract plugin to correct folder automatically.

Zip version requires manual unzipping and copying the eSignal.dll file into “Plugins” subfolder of AmiBroker directory.

VERSION 1.9.0 CHANGES (as compared to 1.8.1)

  1. Fixes to problem with RT update of certain foreign future markets such as NSF
  2. OpenInterest field is now available in End-Of-Day mode (base time interval set to EOD).
    Note that there is NO intraday (such as 1-minute) OpenInterest history available from eSignal, hence no OI field in intraday. You can however access “current” OI field even in intraday mode using GetRTData(“OpenInt”)

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