New version of Auto-trading interface – IBc 1.2.0 BETA

A new IBController (auto-trading interface) version 1.2.0 BETA has been released. It is available for download from:

VERSION 1.2.0 CHANGES (as compared to version 1.1.1)

  1. IBc now allows to define which error codes should be ignored using File->Error code ignore list
  2. upgraded to use latest TWS API 9.41 (tested with latest TWS 885.7, requires at least 879)
  3. following TWS API changes ignoreRth and rthOnly flags are removed and replaced with single flag: outsideRTH

    Quote from TWS DOC

    OutsideRTH Flag Replaces “Ignore Regular Trading Hours” and “Regular Trading Hours Only” Flags
    Supported in: All API Platforms

    A new, single order atttibute, bool OutsideRTH(), replaces two flags: ignoreRTH and rthOnly in the Order class/struct. If set to true, this new extended order attribute allows orders to trigger or fill outside of regular trading hours.

NOTE: auto-trading interface is separate and independent from IB DATA PLUGIN and is not required if you are only interested in getting data from IB / TWS.

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