New AmiBroker Development Kit 2.10 released

A new version of AmiBroker Development Kit (ADK 2.10) has been released (550KB self-extracting exe) (524KB plain zip file)

A new API contains updated documentation, source code samples and header definitions to support newly introduced features of AmiBroker 5.27 such as 64-bit date/time resolution, floating point volume/openint fields, new auxilliary data fields and extended symbol information fields.

VERSION 2.10 introduces one change in PluginNotification structure affecting data plugins only:

  • struct PluginNotification has new field StockInfo * pCurrentSINew and old field pCurrentSI type has changed to StockInfoFormat4 *.

This change is done for backward compatibility with plugins written with API version 1.x. All data plugin developers who used PluginNotification structure with API version 2.0 MUST recompile their plugins with API 2.10 to make sure their plugins works properly with AmiBroker 5.30.

The documentation and samples covers writing indicator (AFL function) plugins, data plugins and optimizer plugins.

The package is provided for native code developers (mainly C/C++) wanting to write their own plugin DLLs.

ADK 2.10 is free to use in both commercial and individual software.

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