AmiBroker 5.30.4, 32-bit version maintenance update

A maintenance update to 32-bit edition of AmiBroker 5.30.4 (built 5108) is available for download from

It contains a few fixes to issues detected after the release including:

  1. Added GICS property to Stock OLE object
  2. Tools->Prefs->Data “In memory cache size” upper limit was sometimes calculated incorrectly on 64 bit Windows. Now upper limit is equal to physical RAM size.
  3. RequestTimedRefresh now supports sub-second (down to 0.1 sec) resolution, when enabled via registry setting (HKCU/Software/TJP/Broker/Settings/EnableHiresRTR, DWORD value = 1 )
  4. Updated IB plugin (2.0.4)


  1. Previous version 5.30.3 released today had a bug, it is fixed now in 5.30.4 (build 5108), please re-download.
  2. This version works fine ON BOTH 32-bit and 64-bit Windows. If you don’t know which version to choose, use this (32-bit) version, as it has wider data plugin support.
    More info:

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