IBController (auto-trading interface) version 1.3.5 released

A new IBController (auto-trading interface) version 1.3.5 BETA has been released. It is available for download from:

This version brings very important changes / improvements with regards to Financial Advisor / Family & Friends accounts. Now IBController supports separation of “viewing” account that is used to display account information and portfolio pages and “order” account that is used by PlaceOrder/ModifyOrder calls. These two accounts can be now set independently by SetInfoAccount and SetAccount functions.

VERSION 1.3.5 CHANGES (as compared to version 1.3.2)

  1. New SetInfoAccount( account )
  2. To workaround recent change in TWS, for futures (FUT) ‘symbol’ field is set by IBController as localsymbol without expiration month/year. This is temporary workaround which may be broken by other TWS releases. Tested to work with TWS 907.7
  3. Pending Orders/Executions/Portfolio/Account info tabs now have additional command “Account” that specifies the account given item refers to
  4. PlaceOrder and ModifyOrder now accept optional Account parameter
  5. Now SetAccount() only sets account for NEXT order(s). It does NOT clear lists anymore and does NOT change ‘viewing’ account
  6. ClearList() method accepts -1 as listno – then it clears ALL lists

NOTE: auto-trading interface is separate and independent from IB DATA PLUGIN and is not required if you are only interested in getting data from IB / TWS.

NOTE: This version has been tested with TWS 907.7. We can not guarantee proper operation with earlier / later versions because IB may introduce incompatible changes.

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