IBController (auto-trading interface) 1.3.6 released

A new IBController (auto-trading interface) version 1.3.6 BETA has been released. It is available for download from:

VERSION 1.3.6 CHANGES (as compared to version 1.3.5)

  1. IBController now uses more reliable way to translate from local symbol to TWS symbol/expiry pair based on information sent back by TWS. (It is not as simple as one may think because sometimes local symbol does not contain TWS symbol, so one can not derive TWS symbol from local symbol in general case, for example FESX SEP 10-DTB-FUT-EUR local symbol translates to ESTX50,20100917, therefore IBController needs to get info from TWS)

For important changes made in previous version (1.3.5) see:

NOTE: auto-trading interface is separate and independent from IB DATA PLUGIN and is not required if you are only interested in getting data from IB / TWS.

NOTE: This version has been tested with TWS 907.7. We can not guarantee proper operation with earlier / later versions because IB may introduce incompatible changes.

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