Introducing stability ranks

In order to give you better idea about what kind of stability and reliability you can expect out of different BETA versions, we are starting to give stability ranks to all releases.
It is important to understand that BETA mark does not always mean the same. Sometimes BETAs are rock solid, sometimes they are experimental. It all depends on what has changed since last production release. If there were only additions, without changes to existing functionality, one can expect BETA to be perfectly stable, exactly the same as official version. On the other hand, when BETA brings significant changes to existing code base, sometimes turning large portions of code upside down (like with multi-threading rewrite), one should expect that BETA is experimental and it is likely to exhibit problems. To distinguish between these completely different situations we introduce stability rank.

The following ranks will be used:

  1. Stability: Rank 1 – Experimental, possibly unstable
  2. Stability: Rank 2 – Early BETA, introducing new features and changes, may exhibit minor problems
  3. Stability: Rank 3 – Regular BETA, pretty stable, works fine in most environments
  4. Stability: Rank 4 – Stable, almost as good as final release version
  5. Stability: Rank 5 – Final production release quality, fully tested and stable

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