eSignal plugin 3.1.0 (BETA) released

A new version of eSignal plugin (3.1.0 BETA) is available for download from:

UPDATE: Download links removed – eSignal plugin 3.1 (official) is included in the AmiBroker 5.60.2 setup program.


  1. Just install AmiBroker 5.60.2 or higher – it includes updated eSignal plugin.

V3.1.0 CHANGES (as compared to version 3.0.0)

  • added (experimental) support for EXTENDED Intraday data (upto 14 years of intraday data)

To be able to use EXTENDED intraday data you need to:

  1. (required) subscribe to “EXTENDED Intraday data” add-on (using eSignal Account maintenance) – cost is $10 monthly
  2. (required) go to File->Database Settings, “Configure” dialog and check “Use Extended intraday data request” box
  3. (optional) increase “Number of bars” setting to make room for more data
  4. (optional) use “Force backfill” on already existing symbols to get full history or create new fresh database

If you turn on “Extended data request” in the configure screen but do not subscribe to extended data then backfills may not work or work slower than usual.

The default is the old method (“Extended data” turned OFF), so if you don’t change anything, the old method is used and plugin operates as previous versions and does not require any extra subscriptions.

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