eSignal plugin 3.1.1 released

A new eSignal plugin 3.1.1 is available for download from: (32-bit version) (64-bit version)

The plugin DLL files should be copied to “Plugins” subdirectory in the AmiBroker folder, overwriting old versions.

eSignal plugin CHANGES for version 3.1.1 as compared to 3.1.0 (shipped with AmiBroker 5.60)
+ added ability to select whenever regular Close or Settlement price should be used as “Close” in end-of-day historical downloads. Affects futures only. If you want to change the setting go to File->Database Settings, click “Configure” and check/uncheck “Use Settlement price instead of close”. After changing this setting you would need to “Force backfill” to ensure all past data are re-downloaded to reflect new setting.

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