AmiBroker 5.75.0 BETA released

Stability: Rank 3 – Regular BETA, pretty stable, should work fine in most environments

This is a BETA version. Make a backup first

A new beta version (5.75.0) of AmiBroker has just been released.

32-bit version:
(2 293 544 bytes)

64-bit version:
(9 509 112 bytes)

If you forgot your user name / password to the members area you can use automatic reminder service at:

IMPORTANT: Unauthorized copying and/or distribution of materials found on members’ only page is STRICTLY PROHIBITED and will result in IMMEDIATE termination of license.

Note that this version can only be installed onto previous full installation of version 5.70 or higher from

CHANGES FOR VERSION 5.75.0 (as compared to 5.74.0)

  1. Brand new AFL Editor, integrated with MDI structure with many new features
    • line numbering
    • code folding
    • automatic indent
    • indentation markers
    • brace highlighting
    • improved auto-complete
    • in-line error reporting / highlight
  2. New Analysis: few messages displayed in modal message box were moved to message bar
  3. UI: Active state is tracked separately for each document type (so there is ‘last active chart’ , ‘last active analysis”) to allow functioning of new editor
  4. ADK: InfoSite added to the PluginNotification structure (Notify API callback)
  5. AFL: Parser tracks position of some operators better so errors and warnings should show locations more precisely (for example Warning 501 points to = sign now)
  6. AFL: Parser produces more descriptive “Syntax error, indentifier ‘name’ is undefined ” or “… is not a function” when it encounters a function call for undefined identifier or indentifier that is a variable. Previously it returned ‘syntax error, unexpected ‘(‘
  7. UI: removed global user-definable accelerators for Chart/Pageup/down/home/end because they interferred with new AFL editor. Instead chart page/up/down/home/end implemented locally (work only when chart has focus)

CHANGES FOR VERSION 5.74.0 (as compared to 5.73.0)

  1. AFL Editor: Code snippets implemented (phase 1). Code snippet is a small piece of AFL code. It can be inserted by right-clicking in the AFL editor window and choosing “Insert Snippet” menu
  2. AFL: Low level GFX: Multi-layering (z-order) implemented. AFL: GfxSetZOrder implemented
  3. AFL: Low-level GFX: radius in GfxCircle() function is expressed in “X” units (so it actually draws circle instead of ellipse when coords mode is 1). Additionally you can specify radius in pixels even in co-ords mode = 1. To do so pass radius as NEGATIVE number. Also one pixel is now added to the rounding box so circle is centered at “x,y”.
  4. AFL: Low level GFX: in 5.73.0 the pixel co-ordinates were rounded differently than in 5.72 and earlier. Fixed.
  5. AFL: Low level GFX: new function GfxGetTextWidth – returns pixel width of specified string. NOTE: it is slow because it has to create temporary DC and font to measure the text. It takes 40us (microseconds), that is about 40 times more than other Gfx functions.
  6. AFL: fopen – new parameter: ‘sharing’ decides whenever file is open in sharing mode or not. When sharing is True a file is prepared for subsequent shared reading and writing.
  7. UI: Added “Name” (full name) column to Real-time quote window
  8. AFL: Implemented user control over Y-axis cursor and tooltips by means of new option chartDisableYAxisCursor, chartDisableTooltips added to SetChartOptions

CHANGES FOR VERSION 5.73.0 (as compared to 5.72.0)

  1. AFL: new GfxSetCoordsMode – rewritten Low-Level Gfx to allow fractional coords and bar/price co-ords mode in addition to pixel
  2. AFL: SetOption(“StaticVarAutoSave”, interval ) – added to allow periodical auto-saving of persistent static variables
  3. Charts: functions calculating day offset support years > 2038 and are now much faster
  4. Charts: Cycle Lines tool has drawn lines in weird places when using very long cycles that resulted in lines being positioned beyond 2038. Fixed.
  5. UI: added View->Price chart style->Bars without ticks
  6. Change #2534 made in 5.71.0 (allowing Null for Close field in bar chart) created backward compatiblity issue. Reverted. Instead a new styleBarNoTick introduced that allows to plot bar chart without open/close ticks
  7. New Analysis: when Non-exhaustive Optimize was used on symbol without any quotes, UI displayed error and remained disabled and it was not possible to re-run non-exhaustive opt. Fixed.
  8. New Analysis: Backtest: Profit figures are color-coded now (negative – red/positive – green)

CHANGES FOR VERSION 5.72.0 (as compared to 5.71.0)

  1. AFL: new feature: high-performance Persistent Static variables implemented (StaticVarSet and StaticVarSetText has new parameter ‘persist’ – if it is set to True then static variable will be stored in PersistVars.bin file when AmiBroker is closing and reloaded automatically on next startup, preventing the values of static variables between application runs)
  2. 64-bit optimizer plugins: fixed issue in SPSO/Tribes with OptimizeSetOption not working correctly
  3. UI: Interpretation and Notepad windows do not flicker anymore when they are resized
  4. ASCII importer: added $USEONLYLOCALDB command
  5. Symbol pane full-text search is user-configurable (from options menu) and now supports searching by alias, address, country (in addition to search by symbol and full name).

CHANGES FOR VERSION 5.71.0 (as compared to 5.70.0)

  1. AFL: PlotText() now has additional parameter yoffset: PlotText( “text”, x, y, color, bkcolor = colorDefault, yoffset = 0 )
  2. AFL: PlotTextSetFont( “text”, “fontname”, pointsize, x, y, color, bkcolor = colorDefault, yoffset = 0 )
  3. ASCII importer: now company address can be imported ($ADDRESS command and new ADDRESS field in the $FORMAT command)
  4. ASCII importer: NULL can be specified as date in several date fields such as delisting date, dividend date,etc. This results in date being cleared (unset).
  5. Charts: Y-axis grid can now be finer than 0.0001 (#125281) – upto 6 decimal digits (0.000001) are displayed when needed
  6. Charts: Null values in Open/Close fields now disable drawing of open/close ticks in the bar chart (PlotOHLC function)
  7. UI: Last pane height does not change on window resizing after pane resize anymore.
  8. New Analysis: in Windows 7 and 8 the progress of scan/backtest/exploration/optimization is also shown in Windows Taskbar, so it is visible even if AmiBroker window is minimized or covered by other windows
  9. New Analysis: Backtest report settings: added option NOT to include Formula in the report (for security purposes)
  10. New Analysis: Horizontal scroll bar is refreshed after HTML import
  11. Prefs: Currency tab, added option “Trade using FX cash conversion” to handle different ways to calculate profits depending on whenever foreign currency is borrowed or cash actualy exchanged


  1. Color/font preferences do not affect NEW EDITOR yet (it is on to-do list).

For more details, instructions and examples how to use new features see the 5.75.0 BETA READ ME

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