AmiBroker 6.00.2 maintenance update

Stability: Rank 5 – Official release, stable

This is an offical release version.

A new maintenance update to official release version (6.00.2) of AmiBroker has just been published.
It comes with full setup, updated documentation, etc.

ATTENTION: This version is free only for users who registered after May 31, 2013. See Upgrade Policy and Pricing section below for more details.

32-bit version:
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64-bit version:
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NOTE: This version works both as fresh first-time install and as in-place upgrade. Previous installation (if any) is detected and setup switches into ‘upgrade’ mode. Don’t worry, your charts, formulas, etc won’t be affected by the upgrade.

CHANGES FOR VERSION 6.00.2 (as compared to 6.00.1)

  1. AFL: An “Error 60: Requested matrix size is too large” message is displayed now when MxCreate is called with ( rows * cols ) > 532 million
  2. Analysis: Optimizer allows larger search spaces when using non-exhaustive optimization without triggering Error 709
  3. Charting: you can zoom out using Ctrl+ mouse wheel to the max (previously it zoomed out to 2000 bars only)
  4. Splash screen is now centered on default monitor screen when main frame is maximized instead of using old co-ordinates.
  5. Startup steps are logged into the broker.log to diagnose rare cases of slow startup and/or crash at startup
  6. UI: Color picker controls were too small on HighDPI display. Fixed.
  7. UI: New AFL Editor, Analysis pages now have Options page in Customize dialog allowing to turn on “Large icons” mode for HighDPI displays


The upgrade to version 6.00 is FREE for all users who purchased AmiBroker after May 31, 2013.
Users who purchased AmiBroker before May 31, 2013 or on that day would need to buy upgrade if they want to use this newest version ($139 – Standard Edition, $169 – Professional). If you don’t want to pay – you may continue using previous version(s) infinitely. To find out when you have purchased AmiBroker and how long your free upgrade period is, use “Account Information” page in the members area at:

To purchase new license or upgrade please use our ordering page at:

For more details, instructions and examples how to use new features see the What’s New page in the manual.

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