AmiQuote 3.13 released

A new version of AmiQuote 3.13 is available for download from (100KB) – 32 bit version

This version fixes problem with Fundamental Extra source that stopped working after changes on Yahoo site.

The upgrade is free for all previously registered AmiQuote users.

CHANGES FOR VERSION 3.13 (as compared to version 3.12)

  1. Yahoo changed the format of Key Statistics / Fundamental Extended download. Incompatibility is fixed now.

CHANGES FOR VERSION 3.12 (as compared to version 3.10)

  1. Yahoo changed the format slightly causing problems with Yahoo Fundamental Basic download. Incompatibility is fixed now.

CHANGES FOR VERSION 3.10 (as compared to version 3.04)

  1. Added new data source: (US stocks, EOD data).
  2. Removed code and settings for Lycos/ (taken over by eSignal and shut down) – no longer available


AmiQuote is nothing but specialized web browser/downloader. You are using 3rd party web pages/services (Yahoo/MSN/Google/Finam) available to the public and AmiQuote acts like Internet Explorer or Firefox. The availability of data/web pages depends on those 3rd parties and may change in the future. The financial data downloaded from public web sites such as Yahoo Finance/MSN/Google/Finam are for personal use only. Consult 3rd parties’ Terms of Service for details. For actual trading we recommend using paid data sources that provide higher data quality and reliability.

IMPORTANT NOTE for AmiBroker 64-bit users:
Because of the transition to new compiler, 64-bit version 3.13 is postponed, you can use 32-bit version instead (just place it into correct directory C:\Program Files\AmiBroker

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