AmiQuote 3.14 released

A newer version (3.20) has been released use this one instead.

A new preliminary version of AmiQuote 3.14 is available for download from


This is MEMBERS ONLY download. You need to have active AmiQuote license and active AmiBroker support & maintenance package to download and use it. Also note that Windows XP is not supported anymore by Yahoo.

IMPORTANT! Yahoo Historical download now REQUIRES Windows 7 or higher. It also REQUIRES AmiQuote License.

This version fixes problem with Yahoo Historical and Yahoo Fundamental Extra sources that stopped working after changes on Yahoo site.

The upgrade is free for all previously registered AmiQuote users.

Since some people complain that the functionality is no longer free – if you do not want to pay a penny for the program that saves hours of your time – please download your data manually by clicking on Yahoo pages using browser of your choice. It is up to you. Developer time does not cost zero and we do not sell advertisements, so we expect to get paid as you do in ‘normal’ life.

IMPORTANT NOTE for AmiBroker 64-bit users:
Because of the transition to new compiler, 64-bit version 3.14 is postponed, you can use 32-bit version instead. See installation instructions below.

Precise instructions are here:


  1. The download is not adjusted for DIVIDENDS. It is adjusted for SPLITS only. That is how Yahoo delivers the data now and you can’t do anything about that
  2. If you are getting “Failed to update registry, use REGEDIT” message, then you need to run AmiQuote at least once with administrator rights – to do so click on AmiQuote icon with right mouse button and select “Run As Administrator”
  3. If you are getting close and volume data exchanged then it means you did not install properly the program and updated aqh.format file is missing. You must make sure that aqh.format file inside Formats directory is NEW (from May 17, 2017). It is included in the setup program so just follow instructions above.
  4. If you are not able to download more than 2 years worth of data it means you entered too early “From” date. For example if you enter 1900 as “from” date you won’t get more than recent 2 years. But if you enter more resonable starting date such as year 2000, then you will be able to download 17 years worth of data
  5. The download hangs on Windows XP and Vista – new Yahoo Finance pages are incompatible with Windows XP/Vista, and specifically with Internet Explorer 9 or lower that Windows XP/Vista shipped with. Windows XP and Vista are obsolete and not supported anymore by Yahoo. You need at least Internet Explorer 10 to be installed (Windows 7)
  6. If it still does not work – you did something wrong. The program works fine, as long above steps are PRECISELY done. Rinse and repeat until it clicks.

CHANGES FOR VERSION 3.14 (as compared to version 3.12)

  1. Yahoo changed the format of Yahoo Historical download. Incompatibility is fixed now.

CHANGES FOR VERSION 3.13 (as compared to version 3.12)

  1. Yahoo changed the format of Key Statistics / Fundamental Extended download. Incompatibility is fixed now.

CHANGES FOR VERSION 3.12 (as compared to version 3.10)

  1. Yahoo changed the format slightly causing problems with Yahoo Fundamental Basic download. Incompatibility is fixed now.

CHANGES FOR VERSION 3.10 (as compared to version 3.04)

  1. Added new data source: (US stocks, EOD data).
  2. Removed code and settings for Lycos/ (taken over by eSignal and shut down) – no longer available


AmiQuote is nothing but specialized web browser/downloader. You are using 3rd party web pages/services (Yahoo/MSN/Google/Finam) available to the public and AmiQuote acts like Internet Explorer or Firefox. The availability of data/web pages depends on those 3rd parties and may change in the future. The financial data downloaded from public web sites such as Yahoo Finance/MSN/Google/Finam are for personal use only. Consult 3rd parties’ Terms of Service for details. For actual trading we recommend using paid data sources that provide higher data quality and reliability.

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