AmiBroker 6.21.0 BETA released

Stability: Rank 3 - regular BETA should work fine in most environments

This is a BETA version. Make a backup first

A new beta version (6.21.0) of AmiBroker, with preliminary native chart GUI support has just been released.

32-bit version:
(2 254 240 bytes)

64-bit version:
(10 590 392 bytes)

If you can not log in into members' area please get your new password by filling the form at:

IMPORTANT: Unauthorized copying and/or distribution of materials found on members' only page is STRICTLY PROHIBITED and will result in IMMEDIATE termination of license.

This version is a free upgrade only for users who registered AmiBroker after March 28, 2015. Users who registered earlier, would need to purchase license upgrade. To find out the version you currently have use Account Information page at

Note that this version can only be installed onto previous full installation of version 6.20 or higher from

This version features preliminary support for native chart GUI (buttons and edits at the moment). Please be reasonable with Gui* functions and be aware of Windows limits. As all controls in Windows (buttons, edit boxes, etc) are actual Window objects they are subject to Windows limitation. And there is a limit of 10000 windows PER PROCESS. So don't try to create thousands of buttons (like a button for every bar of data) because first you will see huge performance decrease and next you will hit the limit and run into problems (crash), see

Best practice is to keep the number under 100-200. If you need more consider using low-level graphics instead.

For more details, instructions and examples how to use new features see the 6.21.0 BETA READ ME

Here is a sample formula that shows basic usage of Gui* functions:

GuiButton"Custom button"1104010030);

GuiButton"Dynamic "+Date(), 21204015030);
GuiButton"System button"33204010030);
GuiEdit5450401002031 );

colorRedcolorBlackcolorYellow );

GuiSetColors33); // default (system) look

editText GuiGetText);

Title "Text entered: " editText "\nLast event: " GuiGetEvent0);

id GuiGetEvent0);
event GuiGetEvent0);

id == && event == GuiSetText("Button clicked",5);

CHANGES FOR VERSION 6.21.0 (as compared to 6.20.1)

  1. AFL: decreased memory fragmentation when user changes type of variable from array to scalar and back thousands of times
  2. AFL: GuiButton( "Text", id, x, y, width , height , notifyflags ) - creates a button
  3. AFL: GuiEdit( id, x, y, width, height, notifyflags ); - creates an edit field
  4. AFL: GuiGetEvent( num, what = 0 )
  5. AFL: GuiGetText( id ) - get text from control
  6. AFL: GuiSetColors( idFrom, idTo, border , clrText = -1, clrBack = -1, clrBorder = -1, clrSelText = -1, clrSelBack = -1, clrSelBorder = -1, clrHoverText = -1, clrHoverBack = -1, clrHoverBorder = -1, clrDisText = -1, clrDisBack = -1, clrDisBorder = -1
  7. AFL: GuiSetText( "text", id ) - set text of the control
  8. AFL: RequestMouseMoveRefresh() - request formula execution / refresh when mouse is moved INSIDE given chart pane (so it only triggers for ONE window under the cursor)
  9. If Quote.exe is missing and AmiBroker can't do auto-update of quotes, a detailed information is displayed of where it expects Quote.exe file to be present
  10. Plugin loading changed: first AmiBroker attempts to load plugins for "Plugins" subfolder from where Broker.EXE file is located (new behavior) and if subfolder is NOT found, it then defaults to old behavior (using "Plugins" subfolder under current working


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For more details, instructions and examples how to use new features see the 6.21.0 BETA READ ME

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