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How to exclude top ranked symbol(s) in rotational backtest

Rotational trading is based on scoring and ranking of multiple symbols based on user-defined criteria. For each symbol a user-definable “score” is assigned on bar by bar basis. Then, each bar, symbols are sorted according to that score and N top ranked symbols are bought, while existing positions that don’t appear in top N rank are closed.

Sometimes however, we may want to exclude the highest ranking symbol (or a couple of them) from trading. The code below shows how to do that using custom backtester.

ExcludeTopN 1// how many top positions to exclude

if ( 
Status"action" ) == actionPortfolio )
bo GetBacktesterObject();

    for ( 
bar 0bar BarCountbar++ )
Cnt 0;
        for ( 
sig bo.GetFirstSignalbar ); sigsig bo.GetNextSignalbar ) )
            if ( 
Cnt ExcludeTopN )
sig.Price = -1// exclude


bo.ProcessTradeSignalsbar );


EnableRotationalTradingTrue );

SetOption"WorstRankHeld"10 );
SetPositionSize20spsPercentOfEquity );
PositionScore RSI14 )

The code is pretty straightforward mid-level custom backtest loop but it uses one trick – setting signal price to -1 tells AmiBroker to exclude given signal from further processing. Note also that signals retrieved by GetFirstSignal / GetNextSignal are already sorted, so the highest ranked signal appears first in the list.

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