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How to create toolbar button for custom interval

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before you add toolbar buttons for dozens of intervals please note that any interval can be picked from Interval Selector combo-box. If given interval is not present, you can just type it: 7m means 7-minute, 3h means 3-hour, 2D is 2-day), as shown below:

Custom time intervals

In order to add custom time-interval buttons onto the toolbar we first need to define our custom intervals in Tools->Preferences->Intraday:

Custom time intervals

Now, in order to customize the toolbar go to Tools-> Customize menu. That switches AmiBroker into special customization mode.

Now, while keeping the customize dialog open, we can just go to View->Intraday menu and pick the items we need, then start dragging it with the mouse cursor to the toolbar of our choice.

Custom time intervals

If we keep holding down CTRL key while dragging the items, a copy will be created on the toolbar, so the items will not be removed from the original menu.

Custom time intervals

It is also possible to replace the default text-description with a button image. This is further explained in the manual:

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