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AmiBroker on tablets and smartphones

AmiBroker is a Windows-only application, so you can not run it natively on iPad, iPhone, Android tablets or smartphones or other devices operating an ARM processor.

To run AmiBroker natively on tablet, you need a tablet with full Windows version and Intel processor. There are plenty of such tablets available, some of them very competitively priced: MS Surface Pro (pricey) and Asus Transformer T100, Dell Venue 8 Pro, Acer Iconia W4-821 which are very nicely done and extremely well priced.

You can also consider using remote access tools like TeamViewer or LogMeIn and just accessing your PC over the web from your tablet and/or smartphone.

AmiBroker on an Apple Mac (OSX)

AmiBroker is a Windows application and does not have native Mac version, however we do have many Apple Mac users, who use Parallels ( virtualization software in order to run AmiBroker on Mac and AmiBroker works perfectly fine in such configuration.

Lost activation key

In case you lost your AmiBroker activation key please fill the form at:
Once you fill the form, you will have the registration e-mail resent automatically.

Then check your e-mail inbox, there will be an e-mail with the download link to your personal activation key. Download the file, run the activation wizard and AmiBroker will become fully activated.

Please note that the activation keys for 32-bit and 64-bit are separate so you should make sure you are using one that matches your installed AmiBroker version. To check AmiBroker version, go to Help->About menu. Note also that 64-bit version is available only to owners of Professional Edition license (or Ultimate Pack Pro).

Using Zig-Zag in trading systems

Zig-zag indicator, as well as other functions using it (Peak/Trough, PeakBars, Troughbars), inherently look into the future. As such they should not be used in trading system formulas without taking precautions. The only way to fix the ‘problem’ is to delay the signal as long as it takes for zig/zag to stabilise last ‘leg’. The delay is variable and depends how much time it takes for defined percentage change to occur in the price series since last peak/trough.

Ready-to-use solution is presented in the Traders’ Tips section of the AmiBroker members area:

(NOTE: access to members’ area is limited to licensed users only, if you forgot your password use reminder at

Points-only backtest

Some users coming from Metastock ask for “points-only” test.

One needs to know that AmiBroker features way more sophisticated futures mode than MS ever had:
It provides full support for futures trading, handling margin deposit, point value, etc.

“Points-only” test is kind of the simplest possible case, but if you want to do just that, it can be implemented using these two lines:

SetOption("FuturesMode"True );
SetPostionSize1spsShares ); // trade just 1 contrac

That is all what you need to add to your formula to get point-only test.