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How to install AmiQuote 3.14 correctly

UPDATE: AmiQuote 3.15 public version is available now.

AmiQuote 3.15 has been announced here:

AmiQuote 3.15 is not a standalone installer, therefore – it requires AmiBroker installed on your computer and the installation path should point to the folder where AmiBroker is installed.

To run the installer – use the link at: (113KB) – 32 bit version (135KB) – 64 bit version

Make sure to download correct version. If you have 32-bit AmiBroker, use 32-bit AmiQuote. If you have 64-bit AmiBroker, use 64-bit AmiQuote. If you have both, install both.

32-bit version of AmiBroker

If you are running 32-bit version of AmiBroker, please make sure to point AmiQuote installation into the correct folder. The default installation path is the following:


64-bit version of AmiBroker

The default installation path of 64-bit AmiBroker version is the following:



  1. If you are getting “Failed to update registry, use REGEDIT” message, then you need to run AmiQuote at least once with administrator rights – to do so click on AmiQuote icon with right mouse button and select “Run As Administrator”
  2. If you are getting close and volume data exchanged then it means you did not install properly the program and updated aqh.format file is missing. You must make sure that aqh.format file inside Formats directory is NEW (from May 17, 2017). It is included in the setup program so just follow instructions above.
  3. If you are not able to download more than 2 years worth of data it means you entered too early “From” date. For example if you enter 1900 as “from” date you won’t get more than recent 2 years. But if you enter more resonable starting date such as year 2000, then you will be able to download 17 years worth of data
  4. The download hangs on Windows XP – new Yahoo Finance pages are incompatible with Windows XP, and specifically with Internet Explorer 9 or lower that Windows XP shipped with. Windows XP is obsolete and not supported anymore by Yahoo. You need at least Internet Explorer 10 to be installed (Windows 7)
  5. If it still does not work – you did something wrong. The program works fine, as long above steps are PRECISELY done. Rinse and repeat until it clicks.

AmiQuote Yahoo Historical stopped working

In May 2017 Yahoo Finance started making changes to their web services. During this time certain services may be interrupted or broken.

Three AmiQuote functionalities are affected by recent Yahoo changes

  1. Yahoo Historical download – the old CSV download API is broken at Yahoo Finance. Fix is available in v3.14
  2. Yahoo Fundamental Extra – the API has been changed. Fix is available in v3.14
  3. Yahoo Intraday download – API does not respond. No fix available at the moment

We already have prepared new version 3.14 that solves problems (1, 2) related to recent Yahoo changes.
This early version 3.14 is currently available only to registered AmiQuote users having active support & maintenance package.
See: for the details.

For more information about free Yahoo quotes see: