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How to display Bond and Bill prices in fractions

Treasury Bond and Bill futures are traded in fractions, not decimals. A typical bond quote may be 124’21 which means 124 and 21/32nds, so one needs special method to display prices in non-decimal format.

To achieve desired result we need to do two things.

1. Switch Y axis grid to desired fraction format. To make a change, right click on the chart and select Parameters, then switch to Axes & Grid tab and change Grid Format as shown below:

Parameter Window

2. Create a price chart with custom title showing fractions instead of decimals. Go to Analysis->Formula Editor, enter the following formula and press Apply Indicator toolbar button.

function NumToFracnum )
StrFormat("%.0f'%0.f"floornum ), fracnum ) * 320 );
Title "{{NAME}} - {{INTERVAL}} {{DATE}} Close: " NumToFracClose )

The NumToFrac function formats decimal value into full points and 1/320nds fraction of the full point.

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