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Can I encrypt my formula so no-one can decipher it?

Currently the only way to protect your code from other peoples’ eyes is to translate part of the formula (such as few functions) or entire formula to C/C++ language and compile as AFL plugin DLL. Doing so requires some C/C++ programming knowledge, a C/C++ compiler (free Visual Studio Express or GNU tools can be used) and AmiBroker Development Kit (ADK).

ADK contains instructions how to write your own AFL plugin along with code samples that are ready-to-compile. Some C/C++ knowledge is required though.

ADK is freely downloadable from (self-extracing exe)
or (zip archive)

NOTE: ADK is not for the beginners. It is for programmers (i.e. for people who already wrote some C/C++ code in their life). We are working on providing alternative methods for non-programmers.

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